Kagera Cooperative Union (1990) Limited

Site Visit by Kagera Regional Commissioner

Site Visit!

Rumuli Conference Hall Site Visit by Kagera Regional Commissioner.

Today, 05/05/2023, The Kagera Regional Commissioner, Mr. Albert Chalamila  had a site Visit at KCU (1990) LTD Construction Project “ Rumuli Conference Hall” where he had an Opportunity to congratulate KCU Board headed by Mr. Ressy  Mashulano the Chairman and KCU Management under Mr. Edson Rugaimukamu the General Manager.

Mr. Gorge Robert the Registrar was among the Visiter. 

KCU Board Chairman has told the Regional Commissioner that, the Conference is about 48% to completion with all its furnitures and all equipments.

The Regional Commissioner, has advised KCU to speed up the construction to its completion in order to recover the invested capital.


Below are some pictures of the Site Visit.

Site Visit by kagera regional commissioner